ziggy xe/it afro latine
transmasc + gay
hiya im ziggy, your local ponytown user. also a HUGE fan of 80s-90s fashion and early 2000s culture. plus im a chronic enstars player and finn wolfhard stan. on pt, im usually seated in spawn, docks, or the south park/dsmp area. im usually online during the day but dont be shy to hmu on my socials (idm if you whisper me to ask about any of them).
ensemble stars, anything finn wolfhard related, stranger things, the goldfinch, when you finish saving the world (esp ziggy..ofc), homestuck, south park, commentary youtube, true crime, mcr, the aubreys/calpurnia
i dont have a really strict dni system of sorts but ofc if youre a bigot fuck off, also if u dont like any of my interests listed above